Educational Toy Making

Children learn through play, and toys are the child’s primary tools for learning. However, for children living in poverty, toys are many times a luxury that parents cannot afford, and toys labeled as “educational” are usually more expensive than “regular” toys. In the educational toy making time of the class, parents are empowered to create toys that be used to engage their child in learning through play. Parents learn how to use playtime as an educational and bonding experience, and children feel affirmed and nurtured that their parents made them a gift with their very hands, and the important role of “parent as teacher” is affirmed.

Each parent begins the year by creating a toy box to keep all the precious toys they will make.

Fall Festival 2012 648 Fall Festival 2012 649

In preparation for the annual Fall Festival, parents create handmade costumes for their children to wear.



Toys in the Making

Concept Ball

Concept Ball