The Startling Statistics

  • More than one in four Latino youth drop out of high school and nearly half leave by the eighth grade.
  • Latinos are twice as likely as African Americans to drop out. More than half the students who drop out leave by the tenth grade, 20% quit by the eighth grade, and 3% drop out by the fourth grade.
  • Dropouts make up nearly half the heads of households on welfare.
  • Dropouts make up nearly half the prison population.
  • For Latinos, 93% of GED holders were in the labor force, compared with 77% of dropouts.

AVANCE Outcomes
In spite of the fact that 91% of AVANCE parents are high school dropouts,

  • 94% of AVANCE children complete high school
  • 43% of AVANCE children attend college
  • Half of AVANCE parents continue their education

Very young children who are denied services such as AVANCE are:

  • 5 times more likely to commit crimes by age 27
  • 10 times more likely to be delinquent by age 16
  • 4 times more likely to be convicted of crime while in high school.

AVANCE Latino Children’s Educational Outcomes
At a 1991 17-year reunion of the first AVANCE program 1973 graduates in San Antonio, Texas a survey was conducted and that showed:

  • In 1973, 91% of the mothers had dropped out of school
  • In 1991, 94% of children who had attended AVANCE had either completed High School, received their GED or were still attending High School

In 1973, 100% of mothers entering the AVANCE program in Dallas, Texas, had dropped out of school (average 5th grade education). Through AVANCE, they completed their GED and many continued their education. Their children excelled in school and by 2001:

  • 78% had either graduated from high school or earned a GED
  • 56% of the children who graduated went to a college or technical school
  • 22% have either completed or are working on advanced degrees

AVANCE reversed a Generation
Despite a 91% high school dropout rate among the AVANCE mothers in the survey 94% of the children graduated,

Quote from Education Week
AVANCE Parent’s Educational Outcomes

  • Improve their knowledge of child growth and development
  • Become active readers (3 times a week) with their children
  • Planned to further their education with GED, ESL, ABE
    and/or College
  • 57% returned to complete their GED
  • 64% of mothers who completed 94% of AVANCE “graduates” (children and parents) complete high school (K – 12 education)
  • 43% of AVANCE “graduates” attend college

It is never too late—More than half of the parents return to school

AVANCE Parent’s Economic Impact
In the 2001-2002 Program Year:

  • 37.6% annual household income of less than $6,000
  • 76% annual household income of less than $15,000

In a survey conducted in 2002 by St. Mary’s University students, of 100 parents who participated and graduated from the AVANCE programs in San Antonio between 1994 and 2001, the following was documented:

  • 73% reported an increase in income levels

Before AVANCE, 60% of families reported an annual income of under $9,000

Read full report here: Avance HO Jan 2014