Our Philosophy

The AVANCE approach fosters culturally-appropriate parenting knowledge that directly impacts children’s development while enabling and encouraging parents to achieve their own educational and professional goals. AVANCE’s Parent-Child Education Program instills a philosophy of nurturing care, wellness, and language development in caregivers as they embrace their role as their child’s first teacher and their home as first classroom.

During the Parent-Child Education Program, primary caregivers and their children participate in weekly classes for nine months.

The program:

  • Equips children with the tools for academic and personal success.
  • Enables parents to develop as role models, form a social support network and enhance their own education.
  • Changes the trajectory of children’s lives through culturally appropriate parenting education to hard-to-reach families.

Originally designed for mothers and their children, AVANCE has evolved to provide family engagement services to include fathers and all primary caregivers of children in a variety of settings.

Does AVANCE work?

Yes! A 2013 external impact study of families that completed PCEP seven to 15 years ago showed that there were long-term educational and socioeconomic changes for those families. The children finished school-ready and stayed in school, while their parents increased their education, purchased homes and found better jobs.

AVANCE was recognized in 2015 by the White House as a “bright spot in Hispanic education” and has been acknowledged by four First Ladies as an effective program. AVANCE has grown from humble beginnings in San Antonio’s Marisol Housing Project to sites across the country. Today, the program is delivered across Texas as well as at sites in California and New Mexico.

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